How We Work

We are the central hub in the fight against hunger in Atlanta and north Georgia. Our primary function is collecting and distributing donated food and goods and managing all of the logistics and partner relationships that go with it. But we also offer some social services directly to those in need. And we even have some supplemental food pantries and mobile markets of our own to get food to underserved areas our partner agencies can’t reach.

Food Distribution

Every month we receive nearly 9 million pounds of donated food and grocery products, 23% of which is fresh produce. These donated goods come from individuals and the local food industry, including manufacturers, distributors, farmers, and retailers. We then distribute the food to more than 700 nonprofit partner agencies operating food assistance programs in 29 north Georgia counties. These include food pantries, missions, community and senior centers, schools, and healthcare facilities. Our distribution network is constantly evolving, increasing access to nutritious food for more families in need.


Our core distribution methods ensure hungry neighbors have access to nutritious food when they need it.


In addition to directly distributing food, we work side by side with numerous organizations to support their efforts to solve food insecurity.


Our benefits outreach team screens individuals and families for eligibility in several state and federal assistance programs, helping them secure assistance with food, healthcare, childcare and more.

Services Include:

Reach out below if you need assistance securing benefits.

Email: benefits@acfb.org | Call: (678) 553-5917

Community Food Centers

Food insecure people often have to make difficult choices with limited resources, like deciding between buying medicine, paying a utility bill, or buying food. These economic stresses can contribute to emotional stress and further complicate family stability. Our Community Food Centers aim to improve family stability by removing the uncertainty of when or where the next meal will come from.  We are currently expanding this program further into our network.