Vendors and/or their representatives may submit bids to:

Name of Institution: Atlanta Community Food Bank

Institution’s mailing /physical address: 3400 North Desert Drive, Atlanta, GA 30344

All proposals must be submitted electronically in PDF format by email to the following Atlanta Community Food Bank email address: rfp.purchase@acfb.org.  The email submission for all proposals should include the subject line “PROPOSAL FROM [OFFEROR’S NAME], ACFB R23-1, CONFIDENTIAL UNTIL CLOSING DATE AND TIME” in all capital letters.

Proposals will be accepted from February 14 through February 28, 2024 at 5:00:00 p.m. (EST).  Time is of the essence, and the Atlanta Community Food Bank may not accept proposals received after this deadline. Offerors are responsible for ensuring that proposals are received in a timely manner.  The Food Bank will send Offerors a confirmation email that the proposal was received and the confirmation email will include the time and date that the proposal was received.  If an Offeror does not receive a confirmation email within twenty-four (24) hours of submitting a proposal, the Offeror should contact Elle Semrau by telephone at 678-298-2240.  Although the Food Bank will accept all proposals received by the deadline, Offerors are advised not to wait to submit proposals.

Each Offeror must include all required information with its proposal.  Although the Food Bank will evaluate all proposals to the extent practicable, failure to include all of the information requested could affect the Food Bank’s evaluation of the proposal and result in the proposal’s rejection.

The Food Bank may accept more than one proposal but reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.

If you have any questions concerning this Request for Proposals, please submit them by email to the Atlanta Community Food Bank Procurement Team at rfp.questions@acfb.org.