Wedding Party in the PRC


We were pleasantly surprised last month to hear that we would be hosting a wedding party food sort in our Product Rescue Center. With a total of 65 wedding party volunteers and everyone coming in from different parts of the country, you can just imagine how that looked!

The parents of the bride were the first to arrive, followed by her favorite uncle to make sure everything was in order for her prior to her arrival, and it was. The PRC staff waited with anticipation for the bride to come. All of us were excited to be a part of their wedding weekend festivities.

As we waited, we noticed a woman walking up holding, from what we could see, a couple boxes of donated product. Chuck walked out to assist her as Don continued to greet the rest of the guests. As the young lady got closer, I couldn’t help but notice how happy and glowing she was. As she greeted all of us with a tremendous smile, we knew she was the bride, Aviva Berman. The groom, Ezra Billinkoff, was looking very blissful and happy as well--he also had three to four donated boxes.

With a total of 9,982 lbs sorted, which is about 8,318 meals, the Berman-Billinkoff Wedding Party had a very memorable time in the PRC. As always, our staff, which consists of Norm, Cathy, Don, and Chuck, stepped up to customize their experience from the beginning until the end. The couple ended their sort dancing to Here and Now by Luther Vandross.

"We would like to thank the Atlanta Community Food Bank for enabling us to get our smaller community of family and friends together to give back to Atlanta,” said Aviva. “It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time together and act for those in need. Thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity and a wonderful start to the wedding weekend!"

We loved having them here and wish them nothing but happiness in their lives together!

Best Wishes,

Jacqueline D. Wesley, Product Rescue Center Group Lead Supervisor