The Spirit of Giving is in this Community


As everyone anticipates the Christmas holiday this weekend, we thought we'd take the chance to look back at the entire holiday season here at the Food Bank.

This year, we've been able to do more. It's never easy to hear that distribution is up because that means there’s more people out there that need help. But we've been blessed to have a community to step up and help. We've seen an amazing outpouring from you and we're grateful. An average of 60 agencies have been coming in every day this month to help serve those that need it--and when you're covering 38 counties, there's a lot of need.

Christmas isn't just about gifts and getting the hottest new toys. It's about sharing with the people that are struggling. In Georgia, nearly 1.7 million people live in poverty. For our agencies, 39% of the households served have reported they have had to choose between putting food on the table or paying their rent/mortgage. It’s not easy to be in these situations, so every bit that our community can do to help is greatly appreciated.

We can’t stress how much what you do has helped this season but don’t forget: hunger doesn’t take a holiday. It’s a year-round problem. So continue to remember the spirit of giving throughout the year.

From everyone at ACFB, a little card for you to say thank you and happy holidays.