Seasonal Volunteer Opportunities with ACFB Partner Agencies

We at the Atlanta Community Food Bank are deeply touched by the enormous outpouring of volunteer support we receive and often find that we are not able to accommodate all who are interested in volunteering during the holiday months. In an effort to better serve our partners in hunger relief during this time, we'd like to share a few volunteer opportunities offered by our partner agencies:

Volunteer Project:  Making “Door Snakes”

  • Volunteer date(s) and times: This is a project that can be done at home. If you would like to have a group come to the office to stuff them, contact Rebecca Richard at the MAC office. 
  • ACFB Agency:  Midtown Assistance Center
  • About this agency: MAC is a non-profit, interfaith organization whose mission is to provide emergency assistance to the working poor of Midtown and Downtown Atlanta. Our aim is to help prevent homelessness and hunger during periods of crisis. 
  • Volunteer Position Description: Volunteers create the door snakes by sewing material, stuffing poly fill and kitty litter into fabric tubes, and sealing with a glue gun. Door snakes are used at the base of windows and doors to keep warm in the winter as well as helping to reduce utility bills.  This is a fun crafty activity. We've got all the materials, we just need extra hands! By making these door snakes, we keep many families warm this winter, as well as helping clients save money on utility bills. 
  • Number of volunteers needed: individual families or groups of up to 10 people are great.
  • Skills and age requirements: no age requirement.  VOLUNTEERS MUST HAVE A SEWING MACHINE, provide kitty litter, glue gun, and poly-fill. MAC can provide some upholstery fabric if necessary
  • Questions/To sign up: Rebecca Richard, Midtown Assistance Center

Location: Door snakes can be made offsite and brought to our location and dropped off at our office:
30 Porter Place
Atlanta, Georgia 30308