Peas, and Carrots, and Beans--Oh, My!

Who knew that donating food could be so much fun?

This past Friday, Woodward Academy students showed off their spirit of donating in a big way. The upper school students started early in the morning to create “Oz.” As the yellow brick road led to the can structures of beans, peas and carrots that made up the Emerald City, the music was going, preparing for the pep rally that would culminate in all the food they had collected being donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank as well as other local pantries.

The rest of the upper school filed in and Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion and Toto came in to cheers from their fellow classmates. Dorothy, as the MC, prepared the upper school for their version of ‘American Idol’ with the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion as judges. Students from the freshman through senior classes came down to sing special songs--parodies of current hits that either revolved around donating food or Woodward Academy. In the middle of it all, they had Glinda, the good Atlanta Community Food Bank witch, come out to share hunger facts with the school. After all was said and done, the senior class won ‘Idol’, Dorothy was able to go home, the can structures came down and the food was loaded into barrels, trucks and trailers.

It was truly incredible to see the ingenuity and creativity of the students, but it was especially amazing to see how much they had dedicated to their food drive. Thank you again to the students of Woodward Academy for their donation and also for their dedication to this over twenty year tradition.