Our Learning Kitchen Renovation is Complete!


Our beautiful, new Learning Kitchen exemplifies community. The power of coming together, of creating, learning and sharing, and bringing people to the table.

One of the challenges our clients face is eating healthy on a budget. One of our big commitments at the Food Bank over the last few years has been to improve the nutritional mix of product we have available. Fresh produce is now our largest product category that we distribute.  But that is just part of the solution.

Think about all of the incredible tough choices our clients make. When you are choosing between paying your electric bill or buying food for your kids, or paying your rent or paying for food, it is hard to think about being creative with dinner.  When it is tough to keep food in the refrigerator, it would be intimidating to try a recipe or a new vegetable when you are looking for simplicity and comfort.

This Learning Kitchen is designed to be a welcoming, safe place for our agency partners and their clients to have hands on learning, to try healthy new recipes and gain the confidence to use the fresh produce and other food they receive from the Food Bank.

The Food Bank has two full-time dietitian nutritionists who connect with 600 partner agencies, thousands of clients and the broader community to promote healthy eating while on a budget. In this kitchen, we will host groups up to 20 and help them learn basic cooking skills, provide recipes and a resource in our registered dieticians; this space will be available for our agency partners to use as well.

This transformation from what was a dormant industrial kitchen, to a warm and welcoming teaching space was made possible by our longtime partner, The Home Depot and kitchen designer Ann Klubertanz from the Midtown Home Depot. Special thanks also go to the Waterfall Foundation, The Coca-Cola Foundation and the Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation. We are extremely grateful for their generosity and support through this project.