Meet Marvin

Think food stamps aren’t going to people who really need them? Marvin moved to Atlanta for a better life after his wife passed away. But as much as he thrives on work, it’s been hard to find a steady job. To make matters worse, he was hit by a car and is still healing from his injury. Food stamps continue to be a life-saver during this difficult time in his life. Hear the rest of the story in Marvin’s words:

I was 10 when my hearing began to fade. My night vision followed closely after, and I was told that eventually I’d go blind. I’m 51 now, with limited hearing and tunnel vision in one eye. Some people think there is no life for me. “What can you do?” they say. But I don’t listen to them.

I can work, and I do every chance I get. Even when it feels like I can’t go on. Last year, my wife of 28 years died. I fell into a deep depression, but picked myself up and moved to Atlanta for a fresh start. I looked for work every day here – going from company to company seeing if I could wash windows or mow lawns. Sometimes I’d find work, sometimes I wouldn’t – but regardless, I pressed on.

A few months ago a car struck me. I didn’t see it coming. Ever since then I haven’t been able to work and it kills me. I want to go back to work so badly – I need to, I don’t have enough money.

I am on food stamps now, and they help. They keep me from going hungry. I can’t work, but at least I can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food will help me get back on my feet so I can continue on to whatever is in store for me – hopefully a better life.

Drastic cuts to food stamps are currently under serious consideration by our national legislators. If you were inspired by this blog, we ask that you please contact your House representative and ask them not to cut Food Stamps and other nutrition programs.

(Video and story courtesy of Feeding America.  We are grateful to Marvin for his willingness to share his personal story, and to ACFB partner agency Suther Center for Christian Outreach for introducing us to him.)