Meet Irene


When we first met Irene, she was receiving food from our partner agency, First Christian Church of Marietta. Irene, a single mom of four kids, two with special needs, struggles to make ends meet. "Being a single mom, so many things just pile up that sometimes I don't know how I manage." As we were talking, she smiled as she talked about her kids, and described how she draws strength from them. "There are times when I just tell my children we're going to have to limit ourselves and they tell me, 'Don't worry, Mommy, tomorrow will be another day.'"

Irene feels grateful that she has found help when she needs it and wants those who need it to know it's out there. "I would like for everybody to know that there is help out there. I am smiling because I am happy because you all have changed my life. I feel more relieved because I have food and my kids know the difference."