The Luckiest Black-eyed Peas


This past summer, we had a group of volunteers in our Product Rescue Center doing exactly what they were trained to do: keep the usable food and toss anything that is beyond a certain expiration date. Certainly a bag of black-eyed peas dated 1970 would qualify for the “toss” category, right? Turns out those peas got a second chance.

The bag of “Pappy's Pantry Blackeye Beans" caught the eye of ACFB Product Rescue Center manager Rodney Benn and he wondered if our Community Gardens manager Fred Conrad would be able to use them in some way--maybe even plant them. Fred retrieved the bag of peas and planted them in the garden, hoping for the best. Sure enough, those peas still had life in them. They grew and grew. Just a few weeks ago, the black-eyed peas were harvested. Fred managed to pull in 50 pounds of unshelled peas! The peas are currently drying out, but what an awesome story about getting healthier food onto the plates of the hungry, don’t you think?