Hunger Study Wraps Up


As of Friday, August 30, the data collection period for the Hunger in America 2014 study was complete! ACFB Staff and Volunteers visited 102 partner agencies and conducted over 625 client surveys.

The Hunger in America Study, led by Feeding America, is the only comprehensive nationwide study that provides in depth information on the characteristics, circumstances, and coping strategies of those living with hunger. The study is done once every four years, and results in reports for the nation, Georgia, and the Atlanta Community Food Bank service area. The findings of the study will be available in the Spring of 2014.

This was a wonderful experience for myself and other Food Bank staff as we got to interact with clients and hear personal stories of the hardship that many of those served by ACFB face. The amazing generosity of our partner agencies toward those in need, not simply with food, but with time and kind words, was apparent. In so many cases, the clients at these pantries and kitchens have been cast out by society. Daily, they are treated with disrespect, asked to jump through incredibly difficult hoops for very meager benefits. Often when they come to our partner agencies, this is the one place they find respite. It was wonderful to see the way that volunteers at these agencies give back a little hope, restore dignity, and encourage the clients coming to receive food. Some clients were so thankful for the encouragement they received and the friendly faces of the staff that they themselves became volunteers at the agencies.

Interacting with our ACFB volunteers on a more individual level was also very rewarding. Many of our Hunger Study volunteers were already supporting the Food Bank as volunteers and donors. This was an opportunity to see the impact of their work at ACFB in the field. Many of our super-star volunteers drove hundreds of miles over the summer visiting agencies in Rome, Carrollton, Newnan, Jasper and Madison just to name a few. We visited all of our 29 service counties, and enjoyed getting to get to know our ACFB volunteers a little better.

If you have a story from the Hunger Study that you’d like to share (250 words or less), please email

Thank you to all of the individuals that contributed to making this project a success. We couldn’t have done it without you! We look forward to sharing the results of this study with our communities in the spring.