Hunger Action Month Starts TODAY!

September is a busy month for us at the Food Bank. It's the start of fall, but it's also special for another reason. Atlanta Community Food Bank joins more than 200 other Feeding America food banks across the country for Hunger Action Month. We use September as a time to really raise awareness about hunger issues in our city, state and county. For example, did you know...

  • The need is escalating. The Atlanta Community Food Bank distributed an overall total of nearly 34 million pounds of food and grocery products in Fiscal Year 2010-11 compared to nearly 26 million pounds in the prior year.
  • Nearly 28% of Georgia’s children are food insecure – that’s more than half a million children under age 18. Food Security is defined as access to enough food for an active, healthy life.
  • 11.9% - more than one in every ten senior citizens in Georgia - are living in poverty.
  • 15.6% of Georgia households experienced low food security from 2008-2009.
  • An estimated 1.4 million different Georgians receive emergency food from partner agencies of Georgia food banks.

You might be asking, "how can I help?" There's always a way--30 for this month to be exact. Our 30 Ways in 30 Days calendar is chock full of great events, information and ways you can help us fight hunger this month. Volunteer your time, donate food--the sky and your imagination are the only limits to what you can do to help. One of the first things you can do? Check out this Hunger Action Month PSA from John Smoltz and share it with your friends!