How Does Your Garden Grow?


Warm weather. Pollen everywhere. Birds singing.

It must be spring in Atlanta!

We love the start of spring here at the Food Bank. It means our Community Gardens project really kicks into high gear helping communities plant gardens all over metro Atlanta. Our Community Gardens project helps provide gardening expertise, volunteer help, tools, seeds and more. It has done so for over 150 gardens throughout our 38 county service area. Community gardens bring neighbors together and help supplement a family’s food pantry with delicious fresh produce. But it goes beyond just that.  It stimulates social interaction, encourages self-reliance, truly beautifies neighborhoods and produces nutritious foods, while reducing family food budgets. Each garden is an autonomous neighborhood-based effort where friends share work and responsibility. Anyone can help in a garden--it’s a great learning experience for children especially who may not know what some vegetables are like kale or eggplants for instances. They’ll also be more inclined to eat the food they help grow.

If you are part of a community garden, or maybe have one in your own backyard, we encourage you to plant one extra row of the vegetables you plant for the hungry. It’s so easy to do and what you yield helps provide much needed fresh vegetables for those that can’t easily afford it. Our Community Gardens project helps make it easy for you to donate--a list of designated drop off sites are available on our site. That way, the food that you’ve grown goes right back into your community. How cool is that? Last year, the Plant a Row program here in Atlanta was able to collect 106,292 pounds!

Most gardeners have already started on their gardens, but it’s not too late for you do to the same. Want to create a personal garden but don’t know where to start? A great resource for planning out your garden is Smart Gardener. Want to plan a Community Garden? We know a couple of amazing people who could help you out. Just ask us.

It’s so easy to not only provide you and your family with delicious, nutritious food, but also those in your community that need it. Start your garden today!