HB 193 Passed!


We have great news to share with you! Because of everyone's amazing efforts, HB 193, a bill that would create exemptions from state and local sales or use tax for sales of food to food banks and donations of prepared food for hunger or disaster relief, was passed in the Senate at 10:28 PM on the evening of March 28th. Thank you so much for everything you did to make this happen. Last year, this same bill did not pass, and we know that having so many additional folks advocating this year is what made the difference. Together, you have helped put more food on the table for hungry people in Georgia. We will be in touch soon with more updates on federal legislation, and our plans for the summer and fall, but did want to let you know about this great first success.

A note from Bill Bolling, our executive director:

This will enable us to purchase up to $500,000 more food for families & children across the state. It affirms that by working together toward a common goal we are stronger and better able to fulfill our mission to fight hunger. It also affirms the strong support we have throughout the state. Creating and sustaining a state wide coalition of 2300+ community based organizations is a tremendous achievement which we can continue to leverage for good.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen!