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Federal Nutrition Programs in the Trump Budget


You couldn’t miss the headlines: President Trump’s team released an FY 2018 budget that calls for dramatic cuts to many safety net programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps. Feeding America and other national anti-hunger advocates say the budget poses the most significant threat to the federal nutrition safety net in decades.

Along with our national partners, the Atlanta Community Food Bank is speaking up for the needs of the vulnerable people we serve. We share timely, relevant information so you can participate in the coming debate in Congress. We encourage you to sign up to receive action alerts and updates on federal and state policy proposals related to food insecurity. Detailed estimates of the impact of President Trump’s budget will be issued in the next days and weeks, and we will share key provisions that affect vital anti-hunger programs.

It’s important to let your Congressmen know now that you oppose any budget or spending legislation that would cut or restrict access to federal nutrition programs. The President’s budget blueprint is just that: a plan. Your Representative and Senators will play a key role in deciding how the federal government actually adjusts funding levels and changes to programs themselves. When contacting your representatives, make sure to say that you do NOT support this budget’s massive cuts to federal nutrition programs, including SNAP, which has long been demonstrated to lift people out of poverty.

Your calls and letters do make a difference! Elected officials regularly quote constituent messages when talking with the Food Bank about the needs of their district. Every time we visit Capitol Hill, we see legislative staffers answering phones and taking notes on callers’ concerns. Calling, faxing, and yes, even letter writing are still the most effective ways to get your own message across. To identify your Congressmen and find his contact information, visit Georgia’s My Voter Page.

And stay tuned! We’ll provide regular communications about the 2018 budget to concerned advocates through our mailing list--sign up today!

Lauren Waits
Director of Government Affairs


For additional information about the federal budget and anti-hunger policy solutions, please visit these national partner websites: