Facelift for the Grocery Floor


Recently, we’ve reconfigured a few things at the Food Bank. Our Kids In Need free store for teachers moved to a bigger and better space in January; and earlier this week, the grocery floor for our 600 partner agencies got a facelift!  

For quite some time, we’ve carried produce and other perishable groceries for our partner agencies to peruse when they arrived to pick up their product orders. But the space for our grocery floor wasn’t ideal. It didn’t take long for our warehouse staff to realize they had an excellent opportunity to create a new and improved space when Kids In Need moved next door.  

And, boy, have they improved it.

The area, located conveniently next to our agency loading docks, incorporates coolers, shelves and racks that you would see at a grocery store. In fact, the fixtures were donated by Kroger. The shelves so far have been filled with various items such as bread, milk, fruits and vegetables. The space is shared with our new CO-OP program that allows agencies to purchase bulk items at a very low cost. A new waiting room for the agencies was refurbished as well.

Since opening on Monday, agencies have said they love the new floor. “My first impression? It’s pleasant and friendly,” said Howard Hayes, a volunteer for Church of the Holy Cross. “Not only that. It’s efficient.”

“This is my second time coming to the new agency area,” said Siddiya Swift of Resource Center for Community. “It’s convenient and the grocery floor is organized very well. Fast service - I enjoy it!”  

Not only do our agencies love it, but so do our staff. ACFB Order Pull Specialist Tyrone Oliver was busy greeting agency representatives this morning. “I really like the fact that we can easily restock items as the shelves empty,” he said. “The new space also makes it much easier to display products and promote the Food Bank’s CO-OP program.”  

And the numbers speak for themselves. Our VP, Supply Chain, Kyle Waide, reported that 82,000 pounds of product has already been distributed from the new grocery floor in only three days. “This is going to facilitate our ability to develop deeper relationships with our partner agencies. It’s a brand new opportunity to engage them in discussions about ways we can build our joint capacity to serve more hungry people.”