#EatLocalATL Day 3: The Chicken or The Egg?

Poultry farming or “raising chickens” is not new to Georgia. According to the Georgia Poultry Federation, poultry is our state’s leading segment of agriculture. Georgia produces 7 billion pounds of chicken and 9 million table eggs annually. Fueled by a vibrant local food movement to not only know where your food originates, but to produce your own food, the past 4 to 5 years have seen a resurgence of inner city Atlantans raising their own chickens for personal egg production. A chicken coop is becoming almost as commonplace as a fire pit in many local neighborhoods like Oakhurst, Underwood Hills and East Atlanta. The chicken coop craze has even spurned its own Meetup group: The Atlanta Backyard Poultry.

After a day of repeat local breakfast and remixed lunch and snacks from days one and two, I felt it was time to shake up my local food game and venture out for dinner.  Since protein was a major deficit in my local stash, I thought why not support Georgia’s largest agriculture industry and make chicken or eggs a target for my local night out. Georgia Organics’ Good Food Guide led me to the new Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand on Marietta St. As I peered at the menu filled with clever names and creative combos centered around Delia’s signature, small batched, hand-crafted, locally sourced 100% natural chicken sausage, I began to wonder, what came first in Atlanta; the chicken or the egg?

The Eat Local Challenge is September 21-27th. In cooperation with Community Farmers Markets, Georgia Organics, and Wholesome Wave Georgia, we are challenging YOU to go 7 days in September eating only foods grown, caught, or raised within a 200 mile radius of Atlanta to raise awareness of the nutritional, economical, environmental and cultural benefits of eating locally sourced foods. It’s never too late to SIGN UP and JOIN the #EatLocalATL Challenge.

-Cicely Garrett, Food Systems Innovation Manager