#EatLocalATL Day 2: Local Learning Lessons

After an hour of shopping and two hours of prepping and cooking, I thought I was fully prepared to take on this challenge.  For all of the food I purchased on Day 1, by Day 2 it became apparent I was definitely missing some key pieces to round out my diet. In addition to the local spices, I neglected to purchase local beverages so I have been drinking a lot of filtered tap water. I tried for some skim milk at the market but the vendor was sold out. I also did not account for enough protein, snacks and my sweet tooth.  Additionally, I forgot I had an Atlanta Local Food Initiative (ALFI) meeting where we bring a local dish to share for lunch.  So I am fine on food for a few more days, but will definitely need more to last the full 7 days.

Despite discovering what I missed, I still had a day of bountiful local eats. For breakfast, I had True Blue Granola (Sweet Georgia Grains) and a Fuji apple (Mercier Orchards). For my lunch ALFI meeting, I made a Kale (Truly Living Well) and Arugula (Patchwork City Farms) salad topped with Fuji apple (Mercier Orchards), True Blue Granola (Sweet Georgia Grains) and the sweet potatoes (Metro Atlanta Urban Farm). For a snack/later lunch, I had Pecan Peanut Butter (Scotch Corners Peanut Butter) and Apple Butter (Preserving Place) sandwich (H&F Bread Company) and some sauteed carrots (Tapestry Farm) and zucchini (Patchwork City Farms).  Dinner was a replay of my NFL Sunday meal.

Armed with many local lessons learned, I look forward to a local food hump day. It’s never too late to JOIN ME. SIGN UP TODAY to #EatLocalATL!

-Cicely Garrett, Food Systems Innovation Manager