Doctors Against Hunger


When was the last time that you went to bed hungry and it WASN’T on purpose?

Think about it! When it WASN’T on purpose. There are many reasons when it IS on purpose: We want to lose weight - We might have a surgery scheduled; or a colonoscopy. But when it WASN’T on purpose.

Every year 1 in 7 Americans go to bed hungry and it’s not by choice. It’s by poverty. Or circumstance. Or poor decisions, or none of the above; OR all of the above. Yet the fact remains that on that night, wherever they may be they are faced with another night of hunger.

People ask me all the time why I chose to work with the Atlanta Community Food Bank; why this organization in particular. I simply ask them “THE QUESTION”: When was the last time you went to bed hungry and it WASN’T on purpose?

So, the decision for me was easy.

In the last 20 years, I have had the honor and privilege of working with the greatest team of heroes. I know firsthand of the sacrifices that everyone at Atlanta Community Food Bank makes. I see their passion and commitment, and I am inspired. I am moved to get up and rally my friends, family and people I meet, to join me in helping raise food and money. My individual efforts have grown to include a large number of partners. People have given their time, talent and treasure to help this mission.

We started by standing outside of Metro Atlanta Supermarkets the weekend before Thanksgiving asking customers to fill our barrels. We now organize our Annual Doctors Against Hunger Golf Tournament. We are currently in our 12th year. Through all these initiatives, we are on the way to raising one million dollars’ worth of food for ACFB.

It isn’t always easy. It can get in the way of my “real” job. People sometime run the other way when they see me coming. But that’s alright. They don’t go to bed hungry on purpose. They’re not the people we do this for.

Hopefully, someday soon when we ask “THE QUESTION,” Everyone will be able to answer: Never!

--Dr. Salvatore Minicozzi