Cool ways to beat the summer heat--Supper Club and Simple Abundance

Simple Abundance and Supper Club are two great programs for anyone who loves food and helping their community--and things are heating up this summer for both of them!

Our monthly Supper Club is an amazing way to give back to the Food Bank without even trying. All you have to do is dine out at the host restaurant a specific night and 20% of your bill (both food and beverage) goes back to ACFB. Incredibly simple and incredibly delicious because we're fortunate enough to have some amazing restaurants want to host this monthly event. Ready to know where our July Supper Club will be? Drumroll's Chef Ford Fry's new restaurant, No 246! This hot new restaurant in Decatur will only be days old when they host our Supper Club, but it's sure to be a crowd pleaser. Mark your calendars for July 19 and we'll see you there!


Ready to learn how to cook from some of Atlanta's most talented chefs? Our Simple Abundance program allows you to learn from these chefs while giving back to the Food Bank; each of these chefs donate their time, talent and ingredients which helps make 100% of the proceeds go back to ACFB.This summer, we have the culinary talents of Chef Joe Schafer of Parish, Chef Robert Holley of Atlanta Fish Market, Chefs Nicholas Bown-Crawford & Derek Van Cleve of Concentrics Restaurants, Chef Steven Satterfield of Miller Union, Chef Scott Keefer of The Original El Taco and Chef Chris Hall of Local Three gracing the kitchens of The Cook's Warehouse.

Supper Club and Simple Abundance are definitely cool ways to beat the summer heat and give back to the Food Bank. What are you waiting for?