Call Your Senators Today and Tell Them You Oppose Cuts to SNAP (Food Stamps)!


This week, the Senate took up the Farm Bill, with a final vote in the coming weeks.  The Senate is considering amendments and debating the bill passed by the Senate Agriculture Committee, which contained $4.49 Billion in SNAP (Food Stamp) cuts.  As a result, we have a critical window to get our message across before a final vote on the Senate floor.

Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) is currently working on getting co-sponsors for an amendment that would restore the $4.49 billion cut to SNAP.  We also expect amendments that would make deeper cuts to SNAP.  While we do not yet know what specific amendments will be brought to the floor for a vote, we need to send a strong message to our Senators to 1) support Senator Gillibrand’s efforts to restore the cuts and 2) oppose any harmful SNAP amendments.   

We have heard that some groups are saying that the Farm Bill doesn’t cut SNAP enough.  They will be rallying their supporters and we need to show that Americans support programs that help their struggling neighbors put food on the table.

Call Your Senators Today!

Help us track our impact by using our toll-free hotline.  This system allows you to connect with both of your senators without hanging up the phone.

  • Call our toll-free hotline at 877-698-8228
  • Listen to the pre-recorded message and enter your zip code when prompted.
  • You will then be connected to your first Senator.  Deliver this message:
    As your constituent, I urge you to protect hunger-relief programs in the Farm Bill.  Specifically, I ask that you support Senator Gillibrand’s efforts to restore the cuts to SNAP and oppose any amendments that would weaken SNAP and other hunger-relief programs.

  • You will then be connected to your second Senator; deliver the same message to him or her.
  • Don’t forget to share this alert with your board members, volunteers, agencies, partners, and other local supporters! 

Remember, this is just the next step in what will likely be a long and complicated process before final passage of the Farm Bill.  We’ll need your help to weigh in again within the next couple of weeks as the Farm Bill moves through the House of Representatives.  The pressure for deep cuts to SNAP is even greater in the House.