Advocacy Alert: Call A Representative Today!


We have an advocacy opportunity and need you to make calls today. Representative Ron Stephens has introduced HB 193!

Why is HB 193 important? It's very important because it directly affects sales tax exemptions for all Georgia food banks. We had these exemptions in place for many years, but they expired in 2010-11. We need to get them back in place!

A Little More Detail: HB 193 contains three sales and use tax exemptions for food banks (bulk purchase, donated prepared food, disaster relief food donations) as well as exemptions for two types of health clinics.

Background and General Info (Additional information on HB 193):

Food banks are now paying up to 8% tax on bulk purchases, donated prepared food, and disaster relief food donations.

  • The exemption would have enabled purchase of more than 500 tons of additional food, representing more than 800,000 additional meals for hunger relief.
  • Reinstating this exemption provides an incentive for the private sector to donate product withoutpenalty of sales tax on prepared food that otherwise has no commercial value.This keeps nutritious food that cannot be resold out of landfills.
  • This exemption encourages private donations to disaster relief and engages the public sector in a coordinated response to disasters.

Please call one or all of the members of the Sales Tax Sub-Committee (see list below) today and tell them how important this bill is to the work we do.

Here is a script you can use to help make the calling easier:

My name is ___________ and I represent the Atlanta Community Food Bank, and I urge you to support the sales tax exemptions for food banks in HB 193. The Food Bank feeds over 60,000 different people each week through our network of 600 partner agencies. The exemptions not only will allow food banks to purchase more food, they will also encourage food donations from the retailers and food manufacturers for hunger relief and disaster relief. Please support HB 193 and urge the General Assembly to move this bill quickly. Hunger does not wait. Thank you!

Representatives on the Sales Tax Sub-Committee

If you are able to do this, we would love to hear back from you about who you called and what their response was, if any. Please let us if you have any questions or need more information before you call.

Thanks so much!!