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Extreme Couponer Fights Childhood Hunger

In 2010, Rhonda Smith used her bargain shopping skills to found Alive Ministries, Inc., an organization that partners with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to provide food for hungry children in Cobb County through food pantries in county schools. In addition to receiving food from ACFB, she has an ingenious method for sourcing high volumes of the food she distributes.

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Intern Series: Volunteering on the Grocery Floor

(Editor's Note: This is the second in a series from our communications intern, Mollie, as she spends the summer here at ACFB.)

I like to think that I have settled into life at the Atlanta Community Food Bank by now. I know most of the people that work around me, I’ve finally memorized all of my passwords, and I’m getting the hang of typing on a PC keyboard. However, there’s still so many aspects of the Food Bank I have yet to experience, as I was reminded when I volunteered at the Grocery Floor.

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