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Nutrition News: What are PHOs?

For decades, public health advocates have been concerned with the use of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in processed and manufactured foods. PHOs are industrially-produced oils that add hydrogen to a vegetable oil. Vegetables oils are typically liquid at room temperature but this chemical manipulation of the oil makes it solid at room temperature which lengthens the shelf life of a product.

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Need For Relief Hits Long After The Storm

If you’re like me, you’re breathing a sigh of relief.

The winter storms that recently wreaked havoc throughout metro Atlanta and Georgia are fading from memory as spring hints at its arrival.

For those of us caught in gridlocked traffic, stuck for hours on frozen roadways, or left in the dark when power lines snapped under the weight of frozen trees, life is returning to normal now that the nuisance of cleanup and recovery is long forgotten.

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