Sharing your story with the community brings people together and inspires change. It allows you to have a voice and tell your leaders, newsmakers, friends, family, and peers what it’s really like to experience difficulty getting food. Tell us how you’ve experienced hunger in your life. We might be able to post your stories here for members of the community to read.

If you’re not sure what to write about, you could tell us a story about your experience with any of the following issues:

  • Accessing emergency food
  • Losing your job in this economy
  • Having trouble making ends meet
  • Working for wages that don’t support your family
  • Difficulty with medical bills 
  • Difficulty affording rent 
  • Being homeless
  • How you’ve benefited from community food systems like farm-to-school and community garden programs 
  • Difficulty accessing food, food services or food benefits where you live
  • A time when assistance helped you get back on your feet
  • How you benefited from SNAP (food stamps), child nutrition programs (WIC, school breakfast and lunch, summer food, etc.), or WIC/senior farmers market coupons 
  • A memorable experience you had as an ACFB advocate or volunteer