The Fifth Sense, Umami Simple Abundance Class

7pm - 9pm
The Cook's Warehouse Midtown
1544 Piedmont Road, Suite 403-R
30324 Atlanta , GA
Georgia US

One cannot talk authentic Japanese cuisine in Atlanta without mentioning Nakato Japanese Restaurant. Family owned and managed Nakato has been Atlanta’s Japanese cultural hub since opening in 1972, consistently bringing in classically trained chefs from Japan and continuously having its chefs and owners travel back and forth to bring cutting edge culinary trends to Atlanta. Who better to convey to class attendees the concept of “umami” – the fifth sense – and how to develop that in your food at home? Third generation owner Sachi Nakato Takahara and Executive Chef Yoshi Kinjo will answer all your Japanese cuisine questions and teach you how to make the perfect Miso Soup, Temari Sushi and Japanese Ice Cream (mystery flavor) bursting with umami. Evening includes wine tastings and a chance to win tasty door prizes.