What is Atlanta’s Table?

Atlanta’s Table is the project of ACFB that collects prepared food from Atlanta’s Hospitality Industry. Restaurants, caterers, corporate dining rooms, hotels, convention centers, special events and other food service providers are among the more than 200 hospitality industry donors that regularly contribute food to Atlanta’s Table, the Atlanta Community Food Bank’s prepared and perishable food rescue project. Atlanta’s Table collects and distributes thousands of pounds of food every month. For agencies feeding large numbers of people, Atlanta’s Table is an invaluable resource. Family Shelters, childcare centers and community kitchens are among the agencies that benefit from this service. Our temperature-controlled vehicles carefully collect and distribute these perishable food donations. Procedures approved by county health departments are strictly followed to ensure nourishment safely reaches those in need. For more information on donating excess prepared food from your establishment, contact Atlanta’s Table at or 404.892.FEED (3333) x1234.


What kind of food can I donate to Atlanta’s Table? 
You can donate any food your establishment has prepared that never made it out of the kitchen – food that has never been exposed to your customers. All food must be frozen or kept below 41 degrees – if it can be frozen, please freeze it.

Who receives the food I donate? 
Food donated to our Atlanta’s Table project is distributed directly to approximately 40 of ACFB’s partner agencies that operate meal service programs – most consist of community kitchens and shelters.

Am I liable for the food I donate? 
No. State and Federal Good Samaritan Legislation protects our food donors from liability if food is donated in good faith and no intentional harm is intended. Learn more about Good Samaritan liability protection for food donors

How can I be sure the food I donate is handled safely? 
We pick up and deliver all perishable food donations in ACFB’s temperature-controlled vehicles. All of our drivers have completed safe food handling courses and must adhere to safe food handling procedures approved by the health department. 

Can I get a receipt for my donation? 
Yes. ACFB provides receipts for all product donations. All receipts contain our Tax Exempt ID # and any pertinent information a donor needs.

Why should I donate to the Atlanta Community Food Bank? 
Without product donations from the food and hospitality industries, ACFB would not be able to provide millions of pounds of food each year to our network of partner agencies. Our agencies often tell us that without the product they receive from ACFB, they could not continue to serve the growing numbers of people seeking assistance.

Liability Protection

The state of Georgia and the federal government protect donors from liability through “Good Samaritan” legislation. In 1987, the Georgia Legislature passed an amendment to the Good Samaritan Food Laws, and in 1996, President Clinton signed the Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. Both laws protect good faith donations of food unless injury is caused intentionally by the donor. Learn more about liability protection for food donors.

A note about tax benefits: Federal tax laws provide most food donors with charitable deductions. It is recommended that you consult your accountant or tax advisor in order to determine the exact charitable contribution to which you may be entitled.

Individual Food Donors

If you are an individual interested in making a prepared food donation from an event you had catered, we recommend that you donate your food to an ACFB partner agency near you due to the perishable nature of prepared food. Find your nearest community kitchen.