Pie Zine With Purpose


Pie feels like home to me.  It means stability, safety and family.

Last year, around this time, I challenged myself to make 50 pies. Besides the obvious delicious factor, I was hoping to learn a bit more about the art of baking pies. And I did. Throughout my challenge, something wonderful happened. People started sharing all kinds of stories and memories about pies with me. Some of them involved grandmothers and mothers and others included family recipes and ongoing fights with my pie crust. Believe me, I get that one. My pies were triggering these lovely memories everywhere so I decided to compile them into a zine, a small book filled with poems, quotes recipes and photos from other collaborators and myself.

When my pie zine became available, I wanted to donate all of the funds to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. As the holiday season approached and I started being surrounded by friends and family, I wanted to give the same feeling of home to others. Pie feels like home and the Atlanta Community Food Bank provides help to thousands of Atlanta residents in need. They provide non-perishable foods and necessary household items during the holiday season so folks can enjoy that elusive stability and family time without having to worry about food and other every day worries. It’s a great thing! So, for every zine bought, ACFB can provide over $90 in groceries for those in need. (Editor's Note: Muriel has sold out of all of her Pie Zines and recently made her donation to ACFB; we appreciate her and everyone who bought a zine their support.)

I hope everyone gets to have a great holiday season surrounded by their loved ones. 

-Muriel Vega